Virtual Reality, Gulenism and Sandwich Theory

Virtul realityVirtual Reality

I assume those, who can read this article, are familiar with the new way of living; a life-changing and dominating new type of doing business, communication, shopping and etc. This new paradigm is composed of three letters that have never been used this much before: w, w and w. The new reality has its own rules, own rights and own wrongs. The most important point here, which has the potential to cause far bigger ones in near future is that to what extent this new, virtual reality matches the real reality of real life.

If you are locked in front of a 17 inch screen most of your weekdays or addicted to surfing the web while driving back home, then you're most probably used to receiving complaints from your loved ones like: "You still did not comment on the latest amazing photo i've uploaded" or "I am so desperate. I have only 223 friends on my FB account" or "I can't believe you've seen the King's Speech and still did not tweet about it. You're a goddamn old fashioned." Sounds familiar? For now, it's only interesting but if you've not heard any complaints from the same friends about not going out together for a long time, or if you do not remember when was the last time you've played basketball together or at least you've done something real together, if these were all way too long ago, now it is time to call Houston, because you have a real problem.

Day by day, we're getting lost in our virtual reality and loose the significant connection with our real world. Unfortunately, our understanding of reality is about to change. We've almost forgotton what 'double checking' is. 'Fact-finding'? Forget about that. 'Citation', 'Source', 'Quote'? Has anyone heard these freakish words since college? Incredible developments in technology has come with is own pros and cons. And i believe the shift in our understanding of the 'truth' is its biggest disadvantage. We are inclined to belive anyting on some bogus blogs referring to another bogus blog, the source of which is another bogus blog and etc. Relying on these groundless claims of the blogosphere, we are all moving ourselves to an island of confusion where we are fed by conspiracy and breath fear. Being online for 14 hours a day makes easier for us to believe that President Obama is an Indonesian; the world is under the threat of being occupied by the friends of E.T, Islamists are about to force all beautiful women in the United States to be covered before the end of the year 2011, or indeed, Bill Gates is the biggest Islamist on earth cause he has been supporting the some Gulenist organizations. Yes, all are unbelivable but which seems 'the most ridiculous blogger claim' to you? Last one? Agreed.


If you got confused at this point, it means you have not heard about M. Fethullah Gulen and the worldwide civic movement he inspired yet. Being a Turkish-Muslim scholar, Gulen has always emphesized the significant role of education for peoples of all religions, cultures and ethnicities to achieve world peace and so, by his inspirations, hundreds of schools have been founded all around the world and educates the children of different backgrounds. Through intercultural dialogue centers, those who aprreciate Mr. Gulen's ideals brought together people from all walks of life and believers of all faiths systems even in the most conflicted regions of this planet. As, the success stories of the Gulen Movement in contributing to wider global communities is not the main theme of this article, please click here if you need further information about the movement.

Let's get back to our topic. Yes, there are some blogs that claim Bill Gates is the biggest Islamist on earth. Yes, there are some bogus blogs that claim this because according to them Gates has supported some so-called Gulenist insitutions. (Here you can find a wonderful article about the so called Gulen Charter Schools issue) Yes, there are some bogus blogs that repeatedly mention the word 'Gulenist'.. Yes there, really, are some blogs that keep saying that Gulen, along with Bill Gates, is the biggest Islamist threat to us. They, at least, did not include, Marthin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and John F. Kennedy to the list; this is something..

So why do they keep telling us that there are some Gulenist institutions. Why are they trying to convince us that there are some Gulenist people around us? Why do they insist on using the word Gulenist? One, indeed, referred to the movement as 'Marksist, Leninist and Kemalist Gulen Movement'.. I'm serious. I know it sounds very much like your 4 year-old trying to convince you that he has seen an alien playing soccer, baseball and basketball at the same time in a swimming pool but this is what they've really written down. Yes, I know there is no way that someone can be Marxist, Leninist and Islamist at the same time but given the ridicolousity of their claims, our question still remains unanswered. Why do they do this?

Here is the answer. Read carefully:

The Sandwich Theory

Let I be an interval having the point a as a limit point. Let f, g, and h be functions defined on I, except possibly at a itself. Suppose that for every x in I not equal to a, we have:


and also suppose that:




Got it? No? Be patient. It's not more confusing then trying to understand the mindset of those who are behind these smear campaigns..

Mathematicians call this the Sandwich Theorem (or Squeeze Theorem). To simply put it we can say when a<b<c and both a and c are bigger than zero, b must be bigger than zero too. (You, math geeks who are now preparing to send me a long e-mail describing these two has minor differences in between, slow down guys, this is not Calculus.101, i am trying to make things easier) The idea is that when you take a bite from a sandwich, if both breads are in your mouth, the meat in between should also be in the same mouth. Another example; the socks you are wearing now are flying on a plane, similarly the t-shirt on you is aboard on the same plane.. So, where are you now? There is no way you are on the ground, you absolutely must be flying on the same plane where your socks and your t-shirt are. I hope the examples helped you understand the idea. This theory helps us solve very complicated limit equations in a minute. And it also, unfortunately, helps some dudes to think that they can play with our mindsets easily.

Here we have the equation: 'Marxist, Leninist, Kemalist, Gulenist Movement'. If you are breathing on this planet you obviously should know what Marxism is. Add Leninism to it. Not so long after the cold war, what is your perception about these two ideologies? 'Oh, boy, they are bad.' You may have very little knowledge about the Gulen Movement but, frankly speaking, what would you think after your brain unintentionaly apply the Sandwich theorem to the equation. It must be something bad and threatful. 'Marxism is bad, Leninism is threatful, so Gulen Movement should be something similar'

This is the mindset. Actually it is not so complicated and very difficult to buy but having tens of different bogus blogs refering to each other - most of them registered under same names - and supporting themselves via circulating links, can make them think, one day their smear campaign will be successful and everyone will believe their groundless claims. After a certain point, it is not so easy to convince them that common sense will never buy their slanders. So the best way is to leave them alone in their fearful, tiny world of conspiracies and take the first exit to the real world.

Let Fethullah Gulen himself say the final word about him and the movement he inspired: "I can have no direct influence on any person or activity. It is inconceivable that i can exert pressure on anybody. But some people may regard my views weel and show respect to me, and I hope they have not deceived themselves in doing so. Some people think that I am a leader of a movement. Some think that there is a central organization responsible for all the institutions they mistakenly affiliated with me. They ignore the zeal of many to serve humanity and to gain God's goof pleasure in doing so. They ignore people's generosity."

So, at the end of the day we know that Mr. President is not Indonesian, ET's alter egos will not occupy our planet, no beautiful girls around you will be forced to wear headscarf and no, Bill Gates, is not an Islamist. He is not supporting terrorists and you do not need to burn your Microsoft Office CD.

To do list:

  • Stay away from any blogs that lacks citations for their groundless claims.
  • If possible choose more reliable sources. Nope; The Last Crusade is absolutely not one of them.
  • If you receive an e-mail claiming that we are under 'something-ist' threat, do whatever you want but do not forward it to your contact list.
  • Turn the computer off for a while.
  • Go to the next room and tell your loved one you love her/him more than everything else. No, do not send her/him an e-mail. Go and tell that in person. Indeed, give her/him a hug.
  • Get out with your real friends. Do something real. Have a pet, live the real life and get rid of those shady conspiracies poured into your brain by some unnamed bloggers.