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Aland Mizell should stop b.s Gulen Movement

AlandEven though he claims himself as a PhD, anyone can easily understand when he/she reads his pieces that it is literally impossible for him to be a PhD. The quality of his writing, the choice of his wording, and the way he argues something cannot belong to academics that support his/her arguments with proofs or reasonable examples. In addition even though you spend hours on the web, you can’t find even a single academic paper of him. He only writes lies about Fethullah Gulen and Gulen Movement. I am sure he milks the money because of the crappy papers that he wrote but this is not the topic of today’s article.


Why is PKK getting scared of Gulen Movement?

It has been easily observed that in the last couple of months, the number of articles, which have been published on Gulen Movement, in the pro-PKK, pro-KCK media has significantly increased. The authors in these media organizations, who have been complaining from the deep state brutality for years, are in parallel line with the deep state when the issue comes to the Gulen Movement. In fact, they argue that the KCK arrestments are done in order to weaken organizations and structures (NGOs, BDP etc), which are rivals to the Gulen movement in southeast Anatolia. This is the silliest argument I have ever heard in the last couple of years.


Crude-ish Views on the Gulen Movement

The World Wide Web is a fascinating place; there is an awe inspiring amount of information and disinformation. There are things that seem pretty out of place; there are lies and baseless allegations as well as good information. How does one differentiate fallacies from correct information? Finding truth on the web is dependent upon one’s ability to spot disinformation and dig deeper in order to reach to the bottom of things.

I recently came across a webpage called Kurdish Aspect at As the name implies, this website is about Kurdish news and Kurdish views (this is actually their subtitle). There is a ton of news and articles about the Kurdish issues around the world, particularly in Turkey. The site has many contributors, but one of those, a fella named Dr. Aland Mizell, seems more worried about the American Education System then the Kurdish issue itself. Puzzled? I am too.


Raul’s letter to his Granny Dear Grandma

LetterI know you are pretty angry with me, and yes, I exactly remember the reason to it. But, come on, it's been 28 years. You, an old lady at her 89, should have forgotten this a long time ago. You even do not remember my name, but at the same time have never left that cursed memory of my teenage hood behind. Besides, you've never admitted but it was also your fault. Who asked you o cook 'falafel' at home? Any teenager whose grandma cooks falafel would naturally call 911, right?! I was scared that you were preparing something to blow somewhere up. The 'thing' you were cooking sounded too much eastern and was just threatening. Wasn't it normal for a kid like me to get afraid?


Virtual Reality, Gulenism and Sandwich Theory

Virtul realityVirtual Reality

I assume those, who can read this article, are familiar with the new way of living; a life-changing and dominating new type of doing business, communication, shopping and etc. This new paradigm is composed of three letters that have never been used this much before: w, w and w. The new reality has its own rules, own rights and own wrongs. The most important point here, which has the potential to cause far bigger ones in near future is that to what extent this new, virtual reality matches the real reality of real life.


US Officials Refuted Turkish ex-intelligence officer's slander against the Gulen Movement

Graham Fuller on Gulen MovementA Turkish ex-intelligence officer's recent defamation campaign claiming that the Gulen Movement has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s is refuted by former US officials. Jeff Stein of the Washington Post has devoted his column, Spy Talk, this week to a hot debate going on in Turkey. What sparked the debate was a memoir by a former Turkish Intelligence Officer, Nuri Gundes. In his memoir, Gundes alleged that the movement sheltered 130 CIA agents at its schools in Central Asia. Post's Stein talked to former CIA officers about the accusations and asked them about their take on the issue. Stein says "Two ex-CIA officials with long ties to Central Asia cast doubt on Gundes’s charges.


Gulen is no Machiavelli

gulen-machiavelli-smAmong many different types of slanders against Mr. Fethullah Gulen and the movement he inspired, those that come from Soner Cagaptay of the Washington Institute, are the most fantastic ones. This is way too disappointing because no one living on this planet would expect a Yale graduate to make this kind of groundless accusations against anyone. Especially with providing no evidence and  using no citations..


No sense and non sense from Burhan Gurdogan

tayyip-erdoganBurhan Gurdogan in a piece he wrote seems not to understand what a cult is - maybe this is intentional. A cult is defined as a religious group or movement that is considered by the mainstream to be strange and on the fringe. Fethullah Gulen's ideas as expressed through those who live by them - commonly known as the Gulen Movement - during a public poll in Turkey gained the support of 80% of the people questioned. Similarly people around the world associated with Gulen Movement institutions have gained the respect of the communities they service due to their loyalty , sincerity, passion and commitment. No cults here please !