All You Need To Know About Barrel Bar Stool

Barrel Bar Stool – Vintage decor is swiftly becoming a fashion trend, as we uncover lovely and fashionable pieces that suit our modern day tastes or discover great bargains that just can not be passed up. There are numerous different ways that a wonderful uncover like this can be incorporated into your contemporary decor, without taking away from the natural beauty or hiding it behind anything much more modern. Here are five decorating suggestions for a vintage wine barrel that are straightforward and cost-effective.

1. End Table

A vintage wine barrel makes a extremely eye-catching finish table subsequent to a sofa, loveseat, or armchair in your living space, and can be a fantastic addition to the living room, den, or loved ones space. Lightly sand and use a typical wood stain or paint to increase the look of the barrel if you want, but be quite careful not to damage any insignia or mar the bands holding the barrel in shape. Restore the look of the bands with really light sanding and some black paint.

2. Stool-Style Seating

With the addition of a bit of padding on the seat, a vintage wine barrel tends to make a unique seat for the kitchen island or in your home’s living space. It is also a wonderful seating notion for the outdoors, just be confident that the padding you use is geared for outdoor use before you add it to the vintage wine barrel. Make confident that you measure from the inside of the lip of the barrel rather of merely stretching the tape measure across from side to side to make certain a snug and comfy match, and then just set the cushion in spot on the barrel.

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3. Sturdy Table

For a vintage rustic appear, use two or more barrels to create a table that looks great indoors or outdoors. You can use the identical kind of barrels to design a unique bar for your home as well, specially if the vintner’s label is nevertheless legible. This creates Old Globe charm and can very easily turn out to be a focal point in the area. Just be sure that the barrels are the identical height so that your table or bar is sturdy.

4. Unique Storage

If you reduce a hole into the side of the barrel and add some simple shelving, you can generate a distinctive type of storage for any room, and it takes up quite tiny space so it is ideal for modest rooms or apartments. Use the cutout to style a door for a cabinet look, attached by straightforward hinges on one particular side. For a fantastic finishing touch, add a vintage cabinet door handle or drawer pull.

5. Intriguing Sink
Ultimately, you can produce a focal point for your bathroom, bar area, or even outdoors with your vintage wine barrel. Cut the best of the barrel to hold the sink basin and attach the plumbing hardware, and reduce the side of the barrel to generate access for adding plumbing and for some storage space. For a sturdier sink, replace the leading of the barrel with plywood or a lot more tough material.